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Come back for the story of yesterday's tomorrows, as told by David and Ken.

After more than 40 years, Usborne have decided to republish the hardback bindup version of three titles I wrote in 1979, with Kenneth Gatland as advisor and technical guru.

THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE (WOF) was created as three titles, ROBOTS, STAR TRAVEL and FUTURE CITIES. They were also bound together as a 3-in1 hardback, and this BOOK OF THE FUTURE is what is now being republished.

It's certainly good to see the book return after so long, even if I wondered many times over the years why they let it go out of print. And Usborne didn't even bother to inform me first...

Hey ho, so many publishers have a rep for forgetting about their creatives, but I'll now take this as an opportunity to chat about the background of the books, and how they were made in a hilltop studio many miles from London.

Note too, the glorious art that the hugely talented, but now sadly late Brian Lewis, created for this jacket. The final illustration for publication was delivered to Usborne all those years ago, but I have some lovely UNPUBLISHED development pieces from Brian and other illustrators who worked in my WOF team, and I'll be making some of these available as fine-art prints via the new VIDIarts gallery.

I'll base much of the upcoming blog entries on the interviews I have given over the years, especially an in-depth feature that features the WORLD OF THE UNKNOWN from before WOF, and my many FANTASTIC FUTURES crystal-ball art pieces, created before WOF was even thought about.

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